Esterhazy cake:


16 egg whites

400g powdered sugar

lemon peel of one lemon

1 pinch of cinnamon

320g grated almonds

80g flour

Beat egg white with sugar, then fold in all the other ingredients.

Distribute the batter on one or several baking sheets and bake them at 355 degree for ca. 10 min


1 l milk

175g sugar

75g Vanilla pudding powder

5 egg yolk

Boil 2/3 of the milk, mix the rest of the milk together with the other ingredients, then pour slowly into the boiling milk and whisk at any time.

350g butter

75g coconut fat

melt the coconut fat, beat butter until foamy, then fold it into the cream.

Make the cake by doing several layers of the batter followed by layers of the cream.

At last put fondant on top of the cake for the decoration.