Linzer cake

Linzer Torte is the oldest written recipe in the world for a cake and one reason for the well known and famous baking tradition in Austria.

200 g butter and

160 g sugar  whisk till foamy, add

4 eggs and continue to whisk.

1 Lemon - Juice and peel –

200 g flour

130 g grated Almonds or Hazelnuts

Baking powder

ground Cloves

1-2 TS ground Cinnamon,

mix all dry ingredients with flour and add to the butter, sugar, egg mix

Add a bit milk if necessary, but dough shouldn’t be soft.

Lingonberry , Current or Apricot jam


use 2/3 of the dough in a springform like fore a pie, spread Jam on top and use rest of dough to form a grid on top
Heat oven to 355 degree and bake for  40- 50 min