Mole cake

140g butter

100g powdered sugar

1 pg vanilla sugar

6 eggs

100g sugar

130g flour

1/2 Pg baking powder

1 Pg chocolate discs

Mix the butter with the powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and the yolk, until it is foamy. Beat the egg whites and the sugar make beaten egg whites.

Fold in everything, then bake it for 50 min. at 170 degree celsius.

500 ml cream

2 cans of mandarins

4-5 bananas

2 packages of  whip it ( or cream of tartar should work too)

on demand: sugar and vanilla sugar

Hollow the cake a little bit, then put bananas and mandarins on it. Beat the cream and use whip it to stark it, then mix it with half of the crumbs of the hollowed cake. Then put the cream on top of the cake and sprinkle the rest of the crumbs onto it.